About us

Hello, welcome to The Grumpy Merino. We're a family owned and operated business in Culverden, North Canterbury. The Grampians has been in Jono's family since 1973.  Jono is the third generation to farm the property, with Hank, Greta & Alba following close behind.  

The Grampians is a hill and high country property. We run a blend of Angus cattle and Merino sheep.  Every year our 5500 sheep are shorn at home, with their wool pressed tightly into 180kg bales. Next, they are carefully transported and tested for strength, softness, quality and colour in Christchurch.  The main line of fleece wool, which meets the Devold criteria, makes it way to the processing plant in Lithuania to begin it's journey to become a superior garment.  

We have three busy farm kids who love wearing their Merino clothing. Jono and his Mum & Dad have been supplying Devold with Grampians Merino wool for three years.  We were fortunate enough to become a part of the Devold Norway brand and meet the team from Norway last year, when we were a part of the Devold client profile.  

The Grumpy Merino is a slight diversification from our already established Angus stud.  We have an annual Angus Bull Sale in June - Grampians Angus.  Jono is passionate about his cattle, breeding and moving the breed forward. 

With the help from Smithy, The Grumpy Merino was established. The Grumpy Merinos role is to complete the production line of Grampians wool. The name is a combination of 'The Grampians' & Stumpy - Hank, Greta and Alba's adored Grandad who is very passionate about his Merino's, the land and Angus cattle.

Finally, I'm Sarah.  I designed and developed The Grumpy Merino.  A Nurse by trade, this became increasingly difficult with the children, the farm and living rurally.  I'm excited about this new adventure and challenge, that is run from the farm.  I'm inspired that our wool, which is grown from our ewes, at The Grampians, can be identified to a specific piece of clothing.   Products which are traceable, natural and sustainable.  

Life is super busy; three kids, a farm, Grampians Angus and now a clothing line! I hope you enjoy our line of Devold of Norway clothing as much as we do.  Please don't hesitate to contact us for any queries.  

Enjoy xx