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The Grumpy Merino Collections

The Men's range is a collection which has all your lifestyle & performance essentials.
The Women's range is a collection which has all your lifestyle & performance essentials.
The Children's Collection is simple yet very practical. This will evolve - bare with us!
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It's soft lightweight merino which means fast drying which is awesome for a sweater like me! Washes really well. Running outer layer was awesome as it kept the chill off of a 3 degree morning!

BeeBEEFIT, Culverden

I tested the Boxers today on the squash court. I'm very impressed, no riding at all!! Can I get another pair please?

PatrickFarmer, North Canterbury

The ranges are getting pretty chilly at this time of year so I thought I'd share with you all the new merino gears I'm using to stay warm. I'm wearing the Hiking Woman Shirt and the Grumpy Merino Team kindly gifted me the Headover which can be worn as a neck or ear warmer and or a hood.

SarahNew Zealand National Shooter

I’m loving the base layers! Perfect for keeping warm without feeling too bulky! Also, no static energy from the Merino - great!

JohannaFarmer & Business Owner

My base layer top is lightweight, breathable and comfortable for walking up in the hills plus it’s New Zealand Merino wool, I think it’s a great product!


Absolutely recommend the beanie and head-over! The beanie is super light and doesn't move around, so not adjusting is a big WIN for me. The head-over is also super light and not too tight which is great, and to pull over the head is a BONUS!!

CharmaineMum of Four & Farmer

I found the Devold Expedition Hoodie exceptionally warm yet fully breathable whilst skiing and hiking. Highly recommended for any outdoor pursuits on a cool day!



All Devold of Norway farmers hold this very strongly. The Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare is 100% included in our farming processes. None of the farms that Devold cooperates with use the controversial mulesing method nor do we purchase wool without a certificate confirming that the sheep have not been mulesed.


Our products from Devold of Norway are 100% traceable to New Zealand, meaning 100% NZ wool! What's even better, some of the products are exclusive Grampians wool. You will understand the journey from our farm in North Canterbury to become a garment in your wardrobe, how fantastic is that!


No longer is wool heavy duty, itchy and rough to wear.. It's lightweight, trendy yet warm, temperature regulating, odor resistant! Easy to wash & air dry - what's better, our kids believe it too!


Along with the wonderful biodegradable properties of Merino wool, we have gone one step further! We have teamed up with R3 Packaging & we're also packaging our products to you in 100% compostable bags!

European Designed & Developed..

Accuracy. Precision. Control. At our eco-certified factory in Lithuania, we have control of every stage of the process. Our production is not based on groundbreaking volumes. Instead, each woollen garment is woven, sewn and carefully checked by people who enjoy their work.


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